The Keto Experiment is exactly that… An Experiment!

An Experiment is a procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, or demonstrate a known fact.

And what do you need to make a good experiment? You need a few things. In this case you need two willing subjects – in most cases these are Guinea Pigs or Lab Rats.. In this case its Us.. Sam and Dec!

You also need to collect data at the start of the experiment to which you will then collect the same data at the end of the Experiment to test the Hypothesis. And that’s essentially what an Experiment is and what we are doing with The Keto Experiment.

So where is all this leading to and the bigger question – Why?

If you’re anything like me you have researched and most likely tried every new “diet” that comes your way! I’ve personally done Atkins, Dukin, 5;2, 16;8, Paleo, Juice Fasting, Liver detox, Lemon and Maple Syrup cleanse  and everyone’s all-time favourite… The Cabbage Soup Diet!! And to be honest they all actually worked! Well for at least the first two weeks anyway. At that two week mark I was usually starving and finding myself breaking the diet and binge eating and gaining any scale weight that I had lost ( which is always more than likely water weight! ) OR.. I would simply stop seeing results and stop the diet because it was just too hard.

I do like to research my diets but I’m not one for spending that much time researching that I could write a PhD Thesis on them – I read the books and join in the online forums and get the general basics backed with some scientific data and some success stories and then just get right in do it! I don’t want to be overwhelmed with so much information that it ends up becoming confusing and simply just too hard! Things like – Measure your Macros – Weigh everything that you eat – Test your Blood type – Calorie restrict – Don’t Calorie Restrict – Only eat animals that are raised in Northern Holland and get personal massages each day and eat saffron and truffle!! Really!! If you believe absolutely everything that you read….There would not be a diet suitable for anyone and its just all so much to take in among all the other things that you need to think about in your day. Who has time for all that?

So this is how the Keto Experiment came about. It’s actually quite simple. The word “Keto” kept cropping up more and more. On the Internet, In the online group forums, the Celebrity Chefs and Social Influencers are all talking the “Keto” lingo so it led me to an afternoon of research on Keto! And it was interesting and more important than anything – scientifically easy to understand!

How your body gets in to Ketosis and the effects on the body are actually easy to understand. To get your body in to a state of Nutritional Ketosis didn’t actually seem that difficult. The low carb foods are readily available and can be purchased by everyone and are not expensive. The meals seemed easy to prepare and cook ( and if you make some of my dishes… they are delicious!! ) So.. we thought…. Can this be too good to be true? Lets give it a crack… Lets do an Experiment.

Of course sometimes the Internet can be a bit of a scary place too. There are the Keto Nazis out there that will tell you different to what I have just written above about foods and what you can eat. They will tell you that the Keto way of eating means only eating grass fed animals – no grains at all and only purified water and 100% Organic food. Whilst you can definitely eat this way for Keto we feel that you don’t have to and to get your body in to Ketosis by eating low carb foods is essentially what you are trying to achieve here. If this can be done on the produce you buy from a Supermarket or a Farmers market then so be it.

Its important to remember when you are scrolling through the copious amounts of information online that Ketosis or for short – Keto isn’t a Diet! Ketosis is a normal metabolic process that occurs when your body has used all the glucose stores as energy and starts to use fat as energy. Ketosis describes the metabolic state whereby the body converts the fat stores into energy, releasing ketones in the process.

That’s what Ketosis is! Ketosis, or in short Keto is not a diet!

The way of eating simply involves reducing your carb intake until your body gets in to the metabolic state of Ketosis and starts using fat for fuel! Thats the goal!

Of course there are a lot of people out there spruiking that there Keto eating plan is the best way! But is that necessarily true? Does there way work for your body and your lifestyle?

There are so many factors that contribute to how you will respond on any diet plan or way of eating and this is why we have undergone The Keto Experiment to simply test and measure how the way of eating that we have developed to get our body in to Ketosis and burning up our fat stores will work….. or not!

And you get to watch this process by following us on The Keto Experiment.