Talk about habits… I’m beginning to think this Carb addiction that we have is mostly habit! I guess it’s like any drug really… You gotta literally “kick” the habit.

Habit  is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

Addiction is a brain disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences.

Its officially the end of the first week.. Sunday night and I’m just reflecting on the last week and I’ve thought a lot of what we are doing. By doing the Keto Experiment we are completely and totally eliminating entire food groups from our eating habits. I say Habit because I actually and honestly think that half of this carb addiction is actually just habit.

When we both feel the cravings most is at the end of the day. When we would usually both come home and up until last week would crack open a beer – pour a glass of wine and talk about our day.

This week though I watched as Declan instinctively went to the fridge to get out that beer. No beer of course in the fridge and it’s not like he has forgotten he is on the Keto Experiment and beer is off the Menu – it’s simply all down to … Habit.

In fact there was one night there where he went to the fridge at least 5 times – opened it – looked inside. At times he would simply just look over and stare at the fridge like something miraculous would happen – like Beer would appear that was good for you and that he was allowed to drink! I hated to be the bearer of bad news but that was not about to happen any time soon.

Of course I’m not saying that neither of us didn’t suffer actual carb withdrawals.. We both did and still are. Dec a lot worse than I but I’ve just come to the realisation that the habit that went along with feeding the Carb Beast is also something you need to break.

According to some British study it takes around 60 days to form a new habit… which is the exact time we are doing the Keto Experiment. So it’s time to start focusing on forming new ones to replace the old ones.

New ones around here are cooking nutritional Keto food – Drinking more water – Exercising each day and for the man in to house to do the dishes every single day… oh wait…ok.. I just threw that one in for our household 😉

The last seven days have actually flown by. It has been a busy week with blood tests – DEXA Scans and Doctors visits combined with our every day life and the week has not dragged on. It hasn’t really been as bad as what we both thought. Its actually been a week of revelations which has keep us interested and kept us going. Of course hindsight is a great thing though isn’t it?

Tomorrow a scale weigh in and some more body pictures…..and we promise to smile in these ones! Will make that one of our new “habits”

Sam’s Food Diary

Breakfast: Cup of Beef Broth

Brunch: Small serve of left over Bacon Cheese Burger Bake

Late Lunch: Garlic Butter Chicken Nibbles

Dinner: Left over Bacon Cheese Burger Bake and Rocket salad

Snacks: Macadamia Nuts


Walk with the Dog

Declan’s Food Diary

Breakfast: Cheese and Mushroom Omelette

Lunch: Left over Bacon Cheese Burger Bake with Spinach and Feta Salad

Dinner: Beef and Cabbage Soup

Snacks: Macadamia Nuts


Walk the dog

Weight training in Home Gym. Lots of AB work.


Made a great Beef Bone Broth- tastes delicious


Feeling hungry all day and a little lethargic this afternoon. Still going through the ups and downs.




Got some good exercise in today! Great AB workout


No Beer