It’s incredible how many people are up and about at 5.45am.. I should know because I saw it with my own eyes this morning! Up early and pumped for a gym session! Well…I can’t actually just say it was all just motivation – a slight bit of lingering reflux and constant coughing meant I had to actually sit up out of bed anyway but none the less… I was up! And it was a beautiful morning. The hot air balloons were taking off from the park across the road from the gym and both Dec and I blitzed some cardio and weights at the gym.

Lately I’ve suffered from reflux. That awful acid burning in your throat that makes you cough until you almost vomit! I know it’s got to do with food.  A combination of eating a little late at night and eating the wrong things make a good recipe for acid burn.  It’s often I end up in our lounge room sleeping in the upright position so not only to help with the reflux but also that I don’t disturb Dec.

Dec isn’t the greatest sleeper either. Snoring – night sweats and what I believe is a case of mild sleep apnoea. I’m not going to google diagnose his sleep apnoea but if it’s on Google then it’s got to be right! The signs and symptoms are there…and more accurate than anything I am there and I can hear his breathing… He literally will stop breathing for what seems like an eternity. If I haven’t hightailed it to my second bedroom in the lounge room I usually just give him a kick and his engines start again.

In all seriousness….. the lack of sleep and the reasons why could be caused because of our current way of eating and a lot of the reason we are undertaking The Keto Experiment.

On a positive note we both had great energy today! Big breakfast after our gym session and taking our dog Molly for a walk. A big Cheesy Omelette to fuel us for the day. We were both feeling a bit hungry this morning and want to really listen to our bodies when it comes to hunger – so we ate!!

We were off to the Low Carb Clinic this afternoon to get some of our Blood Test Results.  We only literally found these guys last week and when we told them about us and the Keto Experiment they couldn’t have been more helpful and more excited to work with us. I don’t give away compliments freely but I will in this situation. These guys are AWESOME!

I had already spent some time on the phone and by email with the Practice Manager Jeanette so I knew how efficient and friendly she already was and she lived up to all our expectations.  We spent the first part of our consultation with Jeanette who took our blood pressure weight and waist measurements and asked us some questions. And she kindly answered a heap of our questions too! And the Gold Star goes to Sam for already being in KETOSIS!! Yeah!! 3 days in and in Ketosis. Jeanette used a blood glucose and ketone metre to check and its official.. I’m in Nutritional Ketosis.. Just! And Dec isn’t far behind me and should reach ketosis over the next  few days.

We then met the fabulous Dr Rob Szabo.. I actually want to do a blog just on this guy and his energy and passion about low carb living. I was intoxicated by everything that he had to say and with each word he spoke about our health and our diets and lifestyles it really started to sink in. He deserves an entire blog to himself and the Low Carb Clinic so will be posting about him and The Low Carb Clinic later.

Most of our blood test results were in…. and sadly they weren’t that great! But not bad enough that we are too far gone which is a real positive. Dec has what we thought related to his sugar addiction – Fatty Liver – High insulin and my thyroid is playing funning buggers as usual. Dr Scabo will go in to more detail and we will share that with you as our starting point to measure how the Keto Experiment can hopefully change these results.

Hearing these results was fairly confronting in all honesty… it’s hard to hear you’re not invincible and if you keep living your life the way you have been it could most definitely lead to very serious illnesses.

Something we just need to sleep on now because we are exhausted from getting up so early this morning ..

Sam’s Food Diary

Breakfast: 2 Egg Omelette with full fat cream and tasty cheese

Lunch: Lemon and Oregano Chicken thigh fillet with Green Beans and Feta Cheese

Dinner: Steak cooked in butter with Shredded Cabbage and Brussel Sprouts

Snacks: Macadamia Nuts


HIIT Treadmill – 20 minutes.


Declan’s Food Diary

Breakfast: 3 Egg Omelette with full fat cream and tasty cheese. Bacon and Mushroom.

Lunch: Lemon and Oregano Chicken thigh fillet with Green Beans and Feta Cheese

Dinner: Steak cooked in butter with Shredded Cabbage and Brussel Sprouts

Snacks: Macadamia Nuts. Cheese wrapped Jalapenos.


Weights Gym


Sam is in KETOSIS! 1.4 on the Ketone Metre

Great HIIT Session at the gym


Stomach Acid reflux this morning




Got through the entire day with NO CARBS

Meeting the team at The Low Carb Clinic


Wanted Carbs……Chocolate -Ice cream – Anything…


Good for the early part of the day… going downhill towards the evening. In bed at 9.30pm