Must remember to drink water… Must remember to drink water!

This has to be our Mantra from now on!

We both had a bit of a rough night’s sleep last night. Dec and I are so different when it comes to the way our bodies respond. We were both a little tired last night and still a bit dehydrated and craving a bit of sugar! I spend the night freezing cold… trying to get warm next to Dec who was sweating and tossing and turning and hot! Made for a restless night, I tell you.

We had all intentions of waking up early and either getting to the gym or walking the dog! Neither one happened this morning.

I made Declan eat before he headed off for the day. It was actually painful to watch him. He literally forced himself to eat the bacon and eggs I made him eat. Dec isn’t used to eating in the morning. His breakfast usually consists of a can of Red Bull followed by a Coca Cola chaser… so food at 7am is quiet foreign to Dec. We both knew he needed some fat fuel so we wouldn’t have a re-occurrence of the devil possession we had yesterday when Dec had his sugar shakes so he shoved in the food to fuel his body for the day.

Me.. I had my black coffee.. No Sugar for breakfast! That’s my standard anyway. I was going to try and have a coffee with coconut oil to try but was running a little late this morning so grabbed my coffee and ran out the door to my 9am appointment.

Both of us enjoyed our left over Meatloaf and Cheesy bake lunch at around 12.30pm. Left overs from the night before work well for lunches. Just cook double and take to work the next day. Easy… and it was tasty. I would say the fat content helped with keeping the dish from drying out.

It was around 2.30pm that I realised that I hadn’t had any water for the day…

Must remember to drink water… Must remember to drink water…Must remember to nag Dec to drink water!! 

Ive got a heap of 1.5 litre bottles of water. The goal to be to get through two of these a day.

Both of us headed to the gym tonight for a work out because we missed this morning. We felt great and this also helped getting the water intake up….even if I did go to the loo twice during my workout.

Today’s success is that we have stuck to the diet 100%! No carbs at all……Day two.. WINNING!

Both of us are feeling good, albeit a little tired. Not hungry and both feel we had enough energy to get through our work out. All in all… a good day!

Sam’s Food Diary

Breakfast: Hot black coffee

Lunch: Left over meat loaf ( recipe to come ) with Cauliflower and Broccoli cheese bake

Dinner: Baked Salmon in lemon butter sauce with Green Beans

Snacks: Macadamia Nuts


45 minute weight training

Declan’s Food Diary

Breakfast: 2 rashes of streaky bacon with 2 fried eggs.

Lunch: Left over meat loaf ( recipe to come ) with Cauliflower and Broccoli cheese bake

Dinner: Pork chop in Butter with Brussel Srouts and Cauliflower – with more butter

Snacks: Macadamia Nuts and Meat Ball snacks made with the Meat Loaf mix


45 minute weight training