Well that’s what “they “ say – whoever they are. All I know is that we have made it through 21 days of The Keto Experiment. Not sure if we have formed any new habits just… but we have not cheated and we have been Keto this entire time.

This week has been a little tough. Dec has been complaining of simply feeling lethargic. Yes he works around 10 to 12 hours each day so that of course will make anyone tired but he is complaining of feeling a lot more tired than usual. He is heading to bed around 9.30pm each night when in the past I could at least get another hour out of him before he nodded off. And did I mention that he was complaining?

I too have been a bit under the pump with work and working some crazy hours but I do sit at a desk most of the day so I don’t actually use as much energy as Dec does. I’ve felt probably more lazy than lethargic. Because of the huge week we have had we have slacked off a little at the gym too. I’ve done a few spin classes and only 2 weight training sessions. Dec hasn’t even made it to the gym but has done some workouts at the workshop where he has set up a weight training area.

So I’ve looked at what we are eating and I think some of this lethargy could be coming from a lack of good fat. Out diet has been really clean for the first three weeks just detoxing and coming to grips with Keto. We have been adding fat from what we would usually eat such as cream sauces and some extra Bacon and Cheese but looking at the Macros we haven’t increased the fats in our daily meals that much.

So considering that our body wants to use Fat for energy we have decided heading in to week three that week three is going to be FAT week. We will consciously increase our fats slowly by way of some extra little bits and pieces. I will experiment with some fat bombs that include Coconut oil and Butter and make some more meals with cream, cream cheese and butter additions. Will increase our fat intake by around 20 to 30 grams more per day.

For the purpose of the Experiment we are documenting our Macros. We will evaluate those at the end of the Experiment to see how important it is to measure when you’re eating Keto.

On a positive note we are both losing scale weight. The scales are going downwards. Dec is having an incredible result as we expected. I’ve been fairly consistent which is again, what was expected. It’s usually the way! Guys lose weight easier and more quickly than females. Something to do with child rearing and hormones or something…. Bastards!

Here are this weeks scale weight results

Day Sam Weight (kgs) Dec Weight (kgs)
15 85.9 95.4
16 86 95.3
17 85.2 94
18 85.1 93.8
19 85.1 94.4
20 84.5 94
21 84.3 93.5

Down Down… Down we go!