Sam and Dec – The Subjects

Some might call it “happy fat”..

We have been together for 8 years – recently married in November 2016   ( We eloped in Las Vegas ) We have done everything together for 8 years and now together we are taking on The Keto Experiment.

We own a Car restoration workshop in Williamstown Victoria Australia and a TV and Documentary Production Company. Its a pretty full on day job for us both. Days are 10 to 12 hours long and weekends often involve work.

Sam is the cook in the house. Dec hasn’t cooked a meal since the first week they got together eight years ago when he successfully burnt a home made pizza! Sam is a feeder… loves to cook and loves to feed! Which as it turns out isn’t really the best thing for both of them. And did we mention that we love a drink?

Not gym junkies but we do exercise. We often walk our dog, Molly and get the to the gym a few times a week but we know its not enough.

Both of us overweight and suffering from different physical ailments…. Watch as we go on this 8 week experiment on the Keto Diet.