Day 29.. Still going strong! We have decided to UP THE FAT for some more energy and see how our body reacts!

I have Fat Bombs – I have Kerry Gold for my Coffee in the morning and I have every hi-fat diary product that features on the supermarket shelves. Heavy Whipping Cream – Cream Cheese – Tasty  Cheese – Sour Cream… Ive got it all!

Because this is the Keto Experiment we will “experiment” with the amount of fats and see how we feel both within ourselves and see what happens on the scales too.

The problem with Keto is that when you google the word KETO you get a billion and one variations of the way to eat and how much. Some say eat high amounts of fat – other say more protein. Ive actually tried 3 online Keto calculators that all tell me different Macros. So what are you supposed to do?

The truth is that everyone is different. For me to get in to Ketosis took only 24 hours and my Ketone levels were on the high side at 3.3mm whereas when it came to Dec it took him 4 days to get in to Ketosis with his Ketone levels sitting on average at 0.9mm ( and he was still losing more weight than me! )

So every body will be different. Our first four few weeks on the Keto Experiment we focused on getting in to Ketosis. That was the main thing. We have stuck with the theory of keeping carbs under 20 grams net per day and that has got us in to Ketosis! Check!

Now.. we need some energy and want to stoke fire up the weight loss… so we are going to try to increase our fats to see how that reacts. The good fats of course… Not the Oreo’s and Dominos Pizza kind of fats!

Do all the Keto foods with the extra fat really work?

We will see.. If it makes a difference in our energy levels and we keep losing at the same rate then Bring on the Fat Bombs!!