I have a love / hate relationship with my body weighing scales – Probably like most of you. I love them when they tell me I’ve lost weight and I hate them when they tell me the opposite.

The problem with the weighing scales is that you can’t accurately tell what exactly you are gaining or losing. There are many different factors when it comes down to what you actually weigh each day. Are you weighing at the same time each day? Are you possibly retaining fluid due to medication or for us girls when it’s that time of the month? Are you working out and building lean muscle and losing fat? Or I’ve even been known to weigh less after I have been to the loo… So there are just too many factors to take in to consideration when you are weighing daily on your bathroom scales.

And then there is the physiological torture and elation that goes along with seeing those numbers flash up each morning. For me personally I feel every bit of elation when I see that I’ve lost a few hundred grams but that usually turns quiet quickly and I start beating myself up about how much more I could have lost. Then if there is an increase on the scales then it usually ends with my kicking the scales and swearing expletives at them.

Is there really any joy in having scales and weighing yourself for weight loss?

Some say it’s important to weight each day so as not to let any potential weight gain take control. At our place it’s unusual for Dec to weigh himself at all. It was just before the Keto Experiment when he did actually weigh himself and he was rather taken back. I wonder if he had of been weighing each day and monitoring his weight if he would have let his weight get so out of control?

I can see both sides of the weighing scales here. Whilst I can see that it can keep you on track if the kilos start to creep on and I can also see the physiological damage it can do to those with a more obsessive nature. The weight on the scales is not a definite reflection of your health and it’s important to remember that.

This is why on The Keto Experiment we are also using other methods to track our weight loss and more importantly our Body Composition including waist measurement and the “jean” fit. How you feel in your clothes? Do they feel a bit looser? And whilst the scales may not go down in kilograms it is possible that you are shrinking in size.

What will be interesting to see if the difference in what the scales are saying compared to our 8 week DEXA scan results.

Our goal on the Keto Experiment is to see if the Ketogenic way of eating will actually help us to lose body fat and build lean muscle. So to compare the scale results with the DEXA Results will another great part of the experiment.

And in the meantime you can watch how our measurements on the weighing scale here and see how much they go up and down each day.