Summary of Health – The beginning…

Dr Szabo at The Low Carb Clinic is our physician and an advocate for Low Carb Living. Once we spoke to him about the Keto Experiment and what we wanted to do over the eight weeks he was there 100% for us on our journey. We knew we needed that medical support from a trained professional who not only has his own Low Carb success story but will support us on our journey.

Dr Szabo sent us off for every test known to man. It was important we had results from day one and the pathology slips were sent to us to go away and get our test results. The results are in and the recommendations are as follows.

Sam – Summary of health status:

Overweight, with BF% of 46% on DEXA – Target BF% of 25%

Waist measurement was 99cm – *80cm is recommended for average Australian female, but we can increase that for Sam due to your slightly larger frame to Target 85%

Borderline normal insulin level. You were in the upper end of normal.

Excessive alcohol intake of about 8 standard drink 3-4 days / week is well in excess of safe drinking levels.

Hypothyroid based on raised TSH of 19 – This should be under 5.

Gasto-esophageal reflux likely due to overweight

Some IBS symptoms

Dec – Summary of health status:

Overweight with BF% of 36% on DEXA – Target BF% of 15%

Waist measurement was 113cm *94cm is the recommended for average Australia ( Irish ) male.

Declan has a severe sugar addiction

Moderately severe insulin resistance – insulin 1hr post glucose drink should be 30-50, Declan’s was  124++

Likely fatty liver 3x liver tests moderately elevated: GGT 182++ ( Should be <50), ALT 122++ (Should be <40), AST 53+ (Should be<40)

Fatty liver likely caused by excessive Alcohol and Sugar intake

Excessive alcohol intake of about 6 standard drink 5-6 days / week, well in excess of safe drinking levels

Triglycerides 2.1 which increase the risk of having small, dense LDL cholesterol particles, which are inflammatory

High triglycerides is also due to excess sugar and alcohol consumption

So as you can see we have a fair bit of work to do. Dec’s results were rather confronting but not at all surprising given the amount of sugar that his body had to process each day. These markers are what we will go back to at the end of the Keto Experiment to see if the Keto way of eating has changed any of these results.